There are traffic lights in Monmouth and Ocean Counties that make you mad. And there are traffic lights that make you furious. But everybody at the Jersey Shore has that one light that almost makes your head explode.

So now we put the decision of which light is the one that gets our blood pressure the highest and gets the dubious distinction of being the Jersey Shore’s worst traffic light in your very capable hands.

You drive the roads, you sit at the light every day so you are definitely the experts. We want to share with you the traffic lights that are getting the most attention here at the Jersey Shore. Let’s look at the top 3 so far. Remember these are not final results, just the lights in the lead so far.

County Line and Bennett's Mill In Jackson...many of you are not saying nice things about this intersection that seems to get you every time.

Route 70 and Chambers Bridge Rd in Brick. The whole Route 70 Brick light situation is mind boggling. Miss one light and you miss them all.

Route 520 and Broad St (by the tracks) in Red Bank. So many cars, so little time. This light can start t

Obviously, your level of furiousness at these lights is directly linked to how often you have to encounter them in your driving routine. But these lights all represent the worst of hassles to so many of us and they are probably single handedly keeping the blood pressure pill companies in business.

We’ll give you until the end of the weekend to get your votes in and make sure your friends do, too. It’s therapeutic to get it off your chest! The results will be revealed Monday morning!
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