Happy one year anniversary to a first of its kind in our area...a 24-hour outdoor help-yourself little food pantry for anyone in need or for anyone to donate food items to.

It's been a year since the Little Free Pantry was put in place. No one was quite sure what to expect. Would people use it? Would the word spread that it existed? Would the community support it? Could it really be open 24/7/365, no questions asked?

Well, Pastor Joe Gratzel of First Baptist Church in Manasquan says that the answer to all of the above questions is...YES!!!

Just as the church's little pantry has been able to bless those in need, they have in turn been blessed with wonderful community support.

In case you want to drop by with food to put in, or share the word to those that need help to stop by any time and take what they need, the Little Free Pantry is located at 51 South Street in Manasquan outside the offices of First Baptist Church (the beautiful white church with the clock tower.)

Over the past year, in addition to food, the church has provided small Christmas and Easter treats, too, and, most recently, back-to-school supplies.

Anyone can use this pantry...from any town in our area.

For all of those who have supported and continue to support this vital outreach program, the First Baptist Church of Manasquan congregation says THANK YOU!

For more info on this awesome little food pantry, which works the same way as those tiny little library stands, CLICK HERE!

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