Do you ever think of some of the things we used to do pre-pandemic and say "EW, HOW DID WE EVER DO THAT?"

The inspiration for this blog actually came from a conversation with my coworker, Jimmy G on our sister station, 94.3 the Point. We were wondering about what the future of concerts will look like since sitting and standing so close to random people is something we definitely aren't doing lately. It inspired me to think of some other things I know I won't be doing now that I'm more aware of germs that spread.

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Now, when I say "the little things we won't be doing anymore," I'm not talking about routine stuff like going out to eat freely or going to the store without having to wait in line, I'm talking about the little things we used to do that's actually kind of gross: like not using hand sanitizer while out, or BLOWING OUT CANDLES ON A BIRTHDAY CAKE! How was that ever allowed?

Without further ado, here are "the little things we won't be doing anymore."

The Little Things We Won't Be Doing Anymore

I truly can't wait for the day we return to "normal," but I know I definitely won't be doing these small things anymore. What are some little things you won't be doing now that we've gone through a pandemic?

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