Meet Dan Alexander, who makes our show run smoothly from the Asbury Park Boardwalk every Friday all summer long.

While the Lou & Liz Show is broadcasting live from the NJNG Asbury Park Boardwalk Studio, someone has to be back at 'mission control' in our studio to press all those buttons...and that person is the one and only Dan Alexander.

It is NOT an easy task to time our show down to the wire, turn our microphones on mere seconds before we are set to talk every few minutes, count down those seconds to us, get Nancy Reamy's traffic on the air, and juggle the music, commercials, news, and Dan Zarrow's weather...

...all while communicating constantly with Lou and me about what we have coming up from the boardwalk including all of our live interview segments.

I think the biggest challenge for Dan is that Lou and I are constantly talking, and he has to make sure that what we say at the boardwalk doesn't go out over the airwaves unless it's meant to!  LOL!

There are also technical difficulties that arise with so many moving parts, so Dan has to always be on his toes in order to keep the show up and running.

One thing is for sure, though, and that's that it takes a special person who has known us for YEARS to be able to predict what we will do and say, think like we do, and be the one person we can rely on without question to run our morning show. He is a friend, an incredible producer, and a loyal team player.

You see, Dan Alexander has worked in radio for many, many years and is responsible for several important jobs within the Townsquare Media family (plus he's a great on-air personality in his own right) so that makes it extra special that he still has time and is willing to put up with us every Friday morning all summer!!!

Dan, for all those times where you hear over the airwaves that we have been brought coffee, donuts, and other goodies from fans of our show that have come to the boardwalk to meet us, we really do owe you some good meals out! In the meantime, here's a big, giant THANK YOU and may your hard work never be taken for granted.

And if you listen to our Asbury Park Boardwalk show every Friday morning and hear us talking to our friend Tom Hayes, CLICK HERE to learn more about him!

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