I drive on this road almost every day, and the roads it connects you to are not the ones you really want to be on, but driving on this road, regardless of where it's taking you to or from could be one of the nicest stretches of driving in all of Ocean County. Let's see if you agree.

Here are the Ocean County roads that often take you to this road I love so much. There's Route 88, which is some of the most frustrating stop-and-go traffic around, especially when you are on the stretch from Walmart to Bridge Ave.

And then there is the monster we call Route 70. Is anyone ever happy to be on this road? I know I'm not. But if you're taking those roads to get to my favorite road your mood is going to change.

Google Maps
Google Maps

There is an amazing oasis of a road called Princeton Ave. that changes everything. Between the gorgeous, often breathtaking homes to the glimpses of the Metedeconk and the Beaver Dam Creek, depending on which way you're looking, there is beauty everywhere.

And of course, Princeton Ave is home to Windward Beach Park where so many great things happen throughout the year. It's another solid reason to love Princeton Ave.

You can't tell me you haven't driven by the riverfront mansions and had a little daydream about hitting Powerball and just knocking on one of those massive doors and asking "how much"? I know I have.

And you know you've picked out the mansion that's someday going to be yours, right? Join the club. I do it every day.

We can all dream, but for all the complaining we do about our local roads, I do think Princeton Ave gives us a little break from the monotony, and I for one, appreciate it.

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