We simply wanted to find out which food would be considered New Jersey's most iconic food. We had no idea the confusion the question would start.

The answer to the very simple question of which food is the most iconic one in New Jersey is a pretty complicated one. It seems the most accurate answer is, " It depends on who you ask".

It seems that each source we tapped to answer this burning question had a completely different answer for us. Just to give you an example of the differences in the answer, check out what each of these websites say...

What is New Jersey's most iconic food?

Taste of Home...Taste of Home says the most iconic food in the Garden State is the Tomato Pie. A delicious item for sure. but is it our most iconic food?

The Daily Meal. If you ask The Daily Meal the same question, they have a very different answer. They say the Garden State's most iconic food is Pork Roll. I think that might be a little closer to it.

Food Network. We all love the Food Network. So what do they have to say about this apparently controversial question. Their answer is completely different than the other two. The say it's Disco Fries. Certainly another New Jersey favorite. But is that the answer?

The Insider. Yes, it's another source, and another answer. The Insider says New Jersey has an iconic food, and it's salt water taffy. That's actually another good answer. But the problem is we have a lot of answers.

So, which is it? Or is it none of these. How about our fresh seafood, our great thin crust pizza and we haven't even mentioned sausage and pepper and all that great boardwalk food. And the list goes on and on.

It looks like the question we thought was a pretty simple one has to remain unanswered for now. Maybe we should look at another way and say this is a question that could never have just one answer.

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