There are some iconic foodie stops around Monmouth County that are basically designed to be showcased on your Instagram page.

Check out our totally doable foodie trail guaranteed to have your followers drooling!

First things first, head inland for the insane bagels at Bagel Nook in Freehold!

(I highly recommend the Cinnamon Toast Crunch bagel with Nutella cream cheese, but for real, you can't go wrong with any of them!)

From there, you'll head east across Rt. 33/34 to get to Belmar. I'd recommend a little stroll on the boards and/or some time in the water to work up your appetite again!

Next up, enjoy a yummy treat from Playa Bowls! The coconut bowls are my fave, but the pitaya bowls really make for the prettiest IG photos...decisions decisions.

Luckily, your next stop is right next door! (Again, you may want to head back out for some beach time to give yourself some time to get hungry again...)

It's time to cool down with an over-the-top SideShow shake at Coney Waffle! The hardest part will be deciding which one your group wants to share!

Brace yourself, because we're not done.

No Monmouth County road trip is complete without a stop at Rook Coffee. Head to the Rook on Rt. 35 in Oakhurst (Big Oak) and give yourself a caffeine boost with a New Orleans cold brew!

From there, you'll walk just a few steps over to Broad St. Dough Co. for some of the most insane donuts in Monmouth County. Their IG feed is life, and has me craving donuts on the reg. Sure, you might be on a crazy sugar high at this point, but I assure you, it's worth it.

Your next stop will have all the savory you need. Head up the coast to Yumi in Sea Bright, home of some of the prettiest sushi dishes at the Jersey Shore. (And yes, they taste as good as they look.)

There you have it, the most Instagram-worthy food trail at the Jersey Shore! (And if you wanted to explore more of the Shore, head to a different Rook or Playa Bowls location to make your own trail!)


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