The Jersey Shore is home to some of the most beautiful spots around, so we began to wonder what you think is the most photogenic spot in Monmouth & Ocean Counties.

The curiosity began when The Stacker published their list of the most photogenic spots in each state. They chose Atlantic City, according to, which certainly is photogenic, but I think, based on some great photos taken by local residents, we've got some spots that rank right up there that are closer to home.

My first thought went to the Asbury Park boardwalk and Convention Hall. We have the great privilege of spending our summer Friday mornings doing the show from there and I would put those photogenic moments up against any in the state.

And that's certainly not the only location that came to mind. There are literally hundreds of Monmouth & Ocean County spots that just take your breath away, some famous places and some less known.

So, we want you to help us out. Maybe you've taken some great pictures or maybe you've just seen some. Let us know in the comment section which Jersey Shore spot you think is the most photogenic, and feel free to share any photos you've taken with us, too!

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