There are so few payphones around these days, we just assumed that when you saw one you would notice it and pay attention to it. We were right.

Yesterday, we posted a picture of a pay phone located at a popular Jersey Shore spot and asked you to identify it's location, and as usual, very perceptive Jersey Shore residents did not let us down.

There definitely a few clues right in the picture itself that certainly could have helped you pinpoint the location, the biggest of which was the large body of water in the background and the fact that we provided one small clue, and that was the phone is located in Ocean County.

That information was enough for many of you to figure out that the payphone in the picture is the one located near the parking lot at Windward Beach Park. That's a great job for those of you who figured it out!

Windward Beach Park
Lou Russo, Townsquare Media

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