We asked you to name a truly historic Monmouth County location with just a few clues. Were you able to do it?

Let's review the clues in case you haven't seen them yet...

In 1967 two 'lanes' were added.

In May of 1984, this establishment suffered a damaging fire.

A $12,000,000 renovation took place in 1985.

In 1999 it sold for $46 million, double what it sold for 5 years before.

The 50 acre plot land this establishment is currently on was rented for $50

 a year in 1854.

One particular animal is really in the spotlight here.

Once we explain all that you'll get it in no time. The 'two lanes' were to create more room for two additional competitors at the starting gate. The '84 fire destroyed the grandstand, and the particular animal in the spotlight was referring to horses.

Put that all together and it can only be one place. If you said Freehold Raceway, you were absolutely right. This place is so famous, they named a mall after it!

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