We knew when we asked you to name this famous and historical Monmouth County building that is wouldn't be easy.

We asked you to identify the spot (It's a tiny bit easier since we added the photo) by giving you historical clues about the building. In case you missed it, or want to try again, let's recap the hints we gave...

The purchase price of the land this building was built on may have helped decide the county seat.

The Declaration of Independence was read in this building several days after it was adopted in Philadelphia.

The building still has a court room in it for a very unique reason.

So, some background on the clues. The very low property price made the choice of Freehold as the county seat an easy one. There had been a battle between Shrewsbury, Middletown and Freehold prior to that. according to Visit Monmouth.

And the reason there is still a courtroom in this building (which is not the courthouse), is the original agreement said if the building ever stopped being used at a courthouse, the property would be returned to the family of the seller (John Reid).

Now that you know all that, do you know the building? If you guessed the Hall of Records in Freehold, then you got it right!

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