Do you think you can name the Monmouth County location in the photo. In case you need it, we'll give you a few clues.

Obviously, we've taken this photo from inside a building, and frankly, it's a pretty famous building. There are enough clues in the photo to give it away, but in case you don't catch all the clues, we'll offer a few more for you.

Here they are...

If you study the picture carefully, we bet you can get the answer without any extra help.

Stare at that photo. Odds are you'll see the clues.

Don't be vague, we need the exacta answer.

Those clues are fun, and there is a key word in each one to help you get the answer. We'll have the official answer tomorrow morning for you. and in case you need a bonus clue, the location is in Monmouth. You can't get the answer without that.

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