Yesterday we quizzed you on your knowledge of the Jersey Shore with just one pictures and a couple of clues. Do you know where this picture was taken?

We did ask you to be specific on this one, and most people were. If you answered Jenkinson's Boardwalk, you were right, of course, but you were not specific enough with your answer.

We asked you to be specific about the location of where the picture was snapped, so there was an additional layer with this question, and despite that twist, a lot of you got this one right.

I took this picture this past Sunday from inside Jenkinson's Pavilion, where you can see the ongoing upgrades right outside the window, and things are really moving along. We zoomed out a bit so you can see the Aquarium on the left.

jenks mystery photo
Lou Russo, Townsquare Media

After a visit to the arcade, and a nice lunch at the Pavilion, I am counting the days until our next summer broadcast from Jenk's, and it's only a few months away!

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