Imagine eating at a restaurant that once served New Jersey colonial customers before America was...well America. It is the oldest restaurant in New Jersey, according to a national website, and it's still going strong. And it's only 26 short miles from Freehold. Sounds great, right?

Cranbury Inn, Facebook
Cranbury Inn, Facebook

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So which restaurant in Middlesex County is the one that has now made your Garden State bucket list? It's The Cranbury Inn, and it was serving drinks and food to happy customers since the 1750's. That's right. The first customers their pulled up on their horses, not in their SUV's.

And if that's not enough history for you, let's try this one on for size. How about having a beer at the place Albert Einstein often stooped in for a cold one? And if you're looking for more recent inspiration, Brooke Shields, Meg Ryan, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and Walter Matthau have also been there.

According to Delish, two stagecoachs taverns said to be built in the 1800's are still there., which is pretty amazing. Just think about all the history, and all the characters in the past three centuries have sat right at the place you'll be enjoying your meal. That's pretty cool.

And the food at the Cranbury Inn gets rave revues, and they have a lunch, dinner and brunch menu and much more. Check out the Cranbury Inn website for all the details

The Cranbury Inn's official "established date is 1780, making it officially 241 years old, and the oldest restaurant in the Garden State.

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