We have some famous people from New Jersey, and we have some rich people from New Jersey. So It makes sense that we have some rich and famous people.

So, did you ever wonder who holds the honor of being the richest celebrity from the Garden State? After just a little thought, a few names rise to the top of that list. So, who's the richest?

The richest celebrities from each state were listed at gobankingrates.com, and New Jersey's list topper is not too tough to figure out. Here's a hint. Forbes says he was worth $410 million in 2016.

More clues? He has nearly 38 million records sold in the past 3 and a half decades, not to mention all those sold out concerts. Need another? His last name is not Springsteen. And we have a winner.

Jon Bon Jovi is the richest celebrity in New Jersey. He is one of the great rock stars of all time, one of the most famous and recognizable people on the planet and does some amazing work in our area through the JBJ Soul Foundation.

If you're curious, New York's richest celebrity is Jerry Seinfeld (worth $870 million) and in Pennsylvania it's Taylor Swift who's net worth is $280 million.

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