The roads were bustling. People were heading to the boardwalks. The smell of food cooking on a grill could be detected in every neighborhood. It was a record breaking weather weekend at the Shore, right? Or was it?

There is no question that this Presidents Day weekend was doing an amazing impersonation of a May weekend. People were trading their hoodies for t-shirts and as much as you think it was record breaking, it probably wasn't.

According to our meteorologist Dan Zarrow, the closest we came to a record was the 66 degrees recorded in Freehold on Sunday. The problem is the record for that date is 71 degrees(1981), so no record.

Dan does remind us that the daily high temperatures don't become official until the end of the month, so nothing is set in stone yet. And here's some more news from Dan. We still have chance to set record highs during this week.

Dan says keep an eye on the daytime highs for tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday, as they are expected to be in the 60's once again. You can check out the latest New Jersey weather news with Dan Zarrow's blog!

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