Before you say it, you know it's right around the corner, so it isn't too early to at least talk about the Elf on the Shelf .

In just the blink of an eye, the Elf on the Shelf will be dominating your days and becoming part of your family once again this Christmas. And it's a good thing. The Elf has a lot of very important work to do before Christmas.

The story behind the Elf on the Shelf experience is a pretty awesome one, Have you heard it? Well, we did some research and will share it with you, so you and your family can start getting ready for the upcoming season.

A great article at HuffPost talks all about the way a stay at home mom and her adult twin daughters got it started. The mom had an elf named Fisbee as a kid. When she became a mom she wanted her kids to have a special elf themselves who didn't just sit in the tree as a decoration.

Then there was a poem, and a story, and before you knew it, Elves on the Shelves were everywhere reporting back to Santa each night and adding immense joy to kids all over the world around the holidays. Read the whole story here

All parents know that for as much fun as it is for the kids, it could be just as stressful for them. It's a big commitment during a very busy time of the year.

Not everyone is on board with the Elf OnThe Shelf experience though. It won't take long on social to find many examples. As a matter of fact, a writer at Happy Family gave 3 reasons she hates the little guy.

I'm not going to take a side on this one. I don't know you're schedule or the demands on your life, so I don't know how much of a burden this is for you during the holidays. And, especially this year, there's already been too much judging of other people's opinions going on, so we don't want to add to it.

Let's just enjoy what we enjoy and let's root for everyone, especially the kids, to have a great Christmas season.

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