He's watching you. Constantly. No, not Santa. The OTHER one. Keep one eye open, my friends. Beware the creepy elf on the shelf.

It's a Christmas tradition in many homes.

Every night you put the elf in a different place, as a reminder to the kids that he's always watching and they better behave. They wake up and the elf is somewhere else.

Eileen Shaklee


Look at its weird little smile! No wonder the kids behave...it looks like it could kill you while you sleep!

Eileen Shaklee

I've been told there's also phone apps available now where you can have Santa call the kids and tell them if they've been good or not.

Nothing says 'Merry Christmas!' like emotional abuse!

Carrie Gellis

'I swear I'll be good! I swear, Elf!'

I'm gonna go cry in the corner now and pray he doesn't find my house.

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