Last night the moon was closer to the Earth than it's been in many, many years in what is called a supermoon.

This is nothing you didn't know already, because we all woke up to 300 supermoon pictures posted on Facebook. Some were really amazing, but most were pretty bad, like the one I took.

I ran out to the backyard and took a picture that made the supermoon look like a streetlight on a quiet road or a light on anyone's porch, or as I said on the air this morning, an approaching car with one headlight out.

It dawned on me this morning that the super moon is to photography what Pharrell Williams' "Happy" is to singing. Suddenly everybody thinks they're a pro. Well, one look at Facebook today, especially my photo, reminds us all how untrue that is.

But that's ok, we're all enjoying it, and why not? It is an amazing spectacle, and on Facebook, almost as Earth shattering as that casserole picture your friend posted last week.



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