You know you've said it:

'Ahh! That's the worst thing ever!!'

Nine times out of ten, it is in fact NOT the worst thing ever, but we feel your pain regardless. Here's a collection of some of our personal not-so-favorites:

1. Disappointing fruit

Laurie Cataldo

You've been eyeing that peach or apple all day...looking forward to how good it's going to be. You finally have a moment to eat it, you wash it, it's there, looking all shiny and take that first bite and... 'Ew?? What the hell is that? Sand? Why doesn't it taste like anything?? COME ON, MAN!'

2. Papercut. Especially on a knuckle.

'Nuff said.

3. A rainstorm, littering truck, or angry bird right after you come out of the car wash.

That's just annoying.

4. Pouring yourself a big bowl of cereal...then realizing there's no milk left.

WHO keeps leaving a TEASPOON left for everyone else? Just throw it out!

5. Mail-order stuff that looks different/doesn't fit.

'I thought that was just a reflection? Who would want a cut-out THERE??' Mmhmm. I've been there. Nothing worse than mail-order shoes that don't fit.

6. The drive-thru got your order wrong, but you didn't realize it until you drove away.

We've all been there.

7. You leave your cell phone home and you'll be out all day with no chance to go back to get it.

This happened to me last week. Horrific.

I think it's safe to say we can file all of these under #firstworldproblems.

Add to the list! What else is the 'worst thing ever?'

[Props to Andy Chase from our sister station for sparking this idea while looking at my sad little piece of fruit.]