Ah, Route 9. Even though it makes you want to rip your hair out, it's pretty much unavoidable. 

The potholes. The stoplights. The TRAFFIC! There have been days where I've been on 9 and thought "why did I do this to myself!" But, misery loves company, right? So I took to the 92.7 WOBM Facebook page to ask you to Describe Route 9 in 4 words, and I was NOT disappointed by your responses:

Describe your feelings about Route 9 in 4 words, and you'll see them in a post tomorrow!

Posted by 92.7 WOBM on Thursday, February 18, 2021

Here are some of my favorite responses that'll make you say "YES!"

"Blatant Bumpy Bladder Buster" - Robert in Barnegat
"Stop signs don't apply" - Holly in Toms River
"Avoid at all costs" Vinny (no town listed)
"Holier than the Vatican" - Nick in Toms River
"Worst road in County!" - Sue (no town listed)
"Nightmare, traffic, heart attacks!" - Andrew in Lakewood
"Road I completely avoid" - Laura (no town listed)
"Broken axle from potholes" - Fran in Bayville
"FIX ROUTE 9 NOW!!" - Linda (no town listed)
"Lights, lights, more lights" - Stephanie in Wall
"Out to ruin your car" - Gaye in Toms River
"Drive at your own risk" - Lauren in Toms River
"Never will drive there!" - Stacey (no town listed)
"The most potholes ever" - Dorothy in Toms River
"Madison Ave sucks major!" - Elizabeth in Toms River
"Ruins your car...AVOID!!" - Dawn in Beachwood
"The poor man's parkway" - Walter in Pine Beach
"Needs two more lanes" - Nicholas in Bayville
"Pot hole central. Period." - Frank in Forked River
"Not the safest road." - Dawn in Stafford Township
"The ride from hell." - Sandra (no town listed)

Hopefully, these responses can bring you a laugh the next time you need to drive down the "blatant bumpy bladder buster" (I'm still cracking up over that one).

What are your thoughts on Route 9?

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