We are really enjoying a warm January and that is definitely a break if you're not looking forward to driving in the snow, but mid January hasn't always been this kind to us.

We dug deep int the record books so we could show you just how fortunate we've been so far this January. Let's take a look at some of the extreme weather on this date in Monmouth & Ocean Counties, according to The Office of the New Jersey State Climatologist.

Freehold: First, before we think we are enjoying the toastiest January ever, we are far from it. On today's date (1/19) in 1973 it was a record 65 degrees, which is a full 20 degrees higher than we'll enjoy today.

And for those who wonder just how cold it gets around here on this date, we take you back to 1948, when the temperature plummeted to a mind numbing -6 degrees in Freehold, and that's the temperature, not the wind chill.

By the way, the lowest January temperature ever recorded in January in Freehold was the - 14 that the mercury bottomed out at on January 28th 1935.

Toms River: And we're not leaving Ocean County out. Let's take a look at the history books for today's date in Toms River. The warmest temperature recorded on this date was 1990's 70 degrees. Imagine that in mid January.

Not to be outdone by Freehold, the coldest day in the record books for this date in Toms River was  also -6 degrees but unlike Freehold, you don't have to go back quite as far. Toms River's record occurred in 1977.

And Toms River's coldest January day on the books was -24 in 1988. That doesn't sound very comfortable, does it?

So now we know just how nice it is to be in the mid 40's in mid January. We're sure it won't last forever, but at least we have it now. For the latest check in often with our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow.

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