It sounds crazy, but there are pineapples growing on the beach.

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We're all used to seeing dunes at the beach. They serve a very important purpose on several levels. Fun fact: pineapples can be harvested on the dunes.

Bay Head resident Kiefer Apfel told the Bay Head Beacon that he was always curious to see if there was a plant that could grow on the dunes.

He came across an interesting finding from The Department of Agriculture in Hawaii. They have developed a plant that can not only be grown in sandy soil but is also able to be eaten! They are mini pineapples commercially known as 'Tiny Pineys.'

He says that these beach pineapples are less sweet than the full-size ones and "very citrusy."

Apfel told Bay Head Beacon:

Two years ago I contacted the Tiny Piney company and asked if I could order some of their plants. When I told them what I wanted them for, they agreed to send them for free as long as we always refer to them as Tiny Pineys.

After getting permission from the Bay Head Mayor and town council, Apfel gave it a shot. The first year that Kiefer planted on the dunes, he yielded 7 Tiny Pineys, the next year he got 10.

Bay Head Beacon

Now there are two acres of dunes dedicated to growing these magical mini pineapples. The harvest peaks in September, and Bay Head residents are loving them.

In fact, a Tiny Piney festival could be in the works. C'mon, who doesn't like pineapple upside-down cake?

[source: Bay Head Beacon]

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