You know that famous soliloquy from Romeo and Juliet, “what’s in a name"? That part of the play is trying to convince us that the meaning of a name is irrelevant. Well, tell that to my Italian grandmother.  She had such pride in the last name Calabrese, which literally means from Calabria.

Did you know that there are currently approximately 1.25 million Italian people living in New Jersey?  We really should just call the state Little Italy.  I was wondering what the most common Italian names were and what they meant.  Here are the top 10 most common Italian names, number one being one that I’m pretty familiar with!...

  • 10


    Oddly enough the meaning of this Italian name is "Greek"

  • 9


    Gallo means rooster

  • 8


    Rizzo means someone with curly hair, shouldn't that be Frizzo?

  • 7


    Caruso's meaning is boy or lad

  • 6


    Esposito translates to be exposed to the outdoors

  • 5


    Bruno stands for armour of protection

  • 4


    Rossi stands for red-haired but I don't know a lot of redhead Italians do you?

  • 3


    Romano means citizen of Rome which is pretty straight forward

  • 2


    Marino means of the sea which is super-cool

  • 1


    Russo also stands for red hair or beard, Russo is a version of Rossi so that makes sense

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