It looks like the waiting game continues for the declaration of the winner of our 2020 Presidential election. Nothing is easy this year.

Obviously, it's rare to have to wait any longer than a day to have an official answer to this question, but we're on day 3 in this craziness that is our world these days.

We thought we'd take a little twist on this situation and just ask Jersey Shore residents what they are used to or are willing to with three days for without any problem. We picked some of our favorite answers.

Package. Matt in Point Pleasant say he has no issues and fully expects to wait three days for a package to arrive at his front door from an online order. He quickly added day 4 starts causing him a little anxiety. We've all been there Matt.

Payment. Bill is a business owner and says he'll wait  three days for a payment on a bill he knows you've already received in the mail. Three days from when you get it is when he expects it. So which will come first, Bill's payment or the presidential decision. I'm betting on Bill's customer.

A Call Back. Anna in Freehold says she knows how busy her friends are these days, and she respects that, but if you haven't called her back in 72 hours, you just made the naughty list. And this is not the time of year to be on that list.

One thing we aren't used to waiting three days for is results in a Presidential election. And yet, here we are. Let's hope this article doesn't become a series.

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