You may like to have all of your stuff on you at all times....but if you do, identity thieves will LOVE you. Here are the things you should not carry in your handbag or wallet.

1. Social Security Card (or the number...anywhere) - A stolen Social Security Card pretty much means identity theft.

2. Your passwords - Don't keep your passwords written down and carried around in your pocketbook. Keep them somewhere safe, or get an app for that.

3. Extra keys - Think about it. You have your driver's license on you...with your address...and now someone can find out where you live and use your spare keys to 'visit' you. So instead of carrying them around, give your spare keys to someone you trust.

4. Checks - If someone has your blank checks, they can cause damage. Only bring the amount of checks you need...or use your debit card or take the approximate amount of cash you'll need instead.

5. Passport - Getting a hold of this can be an identity thief's dream. Instead, just keep your license on you. If you are traveling, carry a copy of your passport and keep the real one in the hotel...locked up.

6. Several credit cards - If you have a lot on you, there are more to be stolen or lost. Have a paper with you containing the phone numbers to call to cancel each card in case they get stolen or lost.

7. Birth certificate - Just like your passport and Social Security Card, this is a really bad item to lose or have stolen.

8. A lot of receipts - If someone is smart enough, they can get your information from these receipts. Shred them or keep them at home in a safe place.