Angie is a fourth grader whose cancer has spread. Doctors have stopped treatment as her mother fights to find a way to save her life.

Angie is a student at Joseph A. Citta Elementary. She's got two sisters, also in elementary school. They are all being raised by a single mom. Angie is struggling with stage for Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, which is a cancer of smooth muscle tissue.

This sweet little girl was diagnosed while in second grade and has had to miss the majority of the past two school years due to the intensity of her treatments. Angie continues to battle this rare cancer as she faces major challenges and setbacks.

Unfortunately, treatments have not been working, so Angie's mom (Blanca) is trying to get her accepted into a trial program at a hospital that will offer some hope. Blanca had to stop working for 14 months to bring Angie to and from the hospital for treatments and appointments. Meanwhile this single mom is juggling her fifth grade and a third grade daughters while caring for Angie.

After more than a year of rigorous chemo treatments, more tumors were discovered and more treatments were necessary for Angie. Then, just about a month ago, the doctors stopped treatments because Angie's condition is no longer responding and her tumors have spread to her lung, liver, and upper spine. Angie's mom is hoping to find an unconventional and successful treatment to save her daughter. She is hoping to get Angie into St. June Children's Research Hospital.

The emotional and financial toll is one that no single mom should ever have to face alone. Because Angie's mom would never ask for help herself, teachers Miss Fritz, Mrs. Nolte, and Mrs. Harrison, who have worked alongside Angie and her sisters, are asking in her place for you to please help this beautiful little girl.

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