The holidays are here and for many of us, that means traveling to see our loved ones.  The F.B.I. warns us about what to do and what not to do when leaving our homes over the holidays.  I have to say, there is one thing on this list that I never thought of and it makes perfect sense!

You would think that this one would be obvious, but we are in a culture of over-sharing and with excitement running high, this happens a ton. 

Don’t Announce You Are Not Home

We’ve all either done this or have almost done this one. You are on a vacation and you just can’t wait to post your piggies in the sand on Facebook.  Every single expert will tell you that is a huge mistake.  You are sending a newsflash to criminals that you are in a land far, far away and your home and its contents are theirs for the taking.  

If you want to share your getaways or family reunions, simply post after you are already home stating captions in the past tense, “it was so great seeing my BFF over Thanksgiving!”.  Now you are advertising “your missing your big chance” to the crooks instead.  

Lock It Up

Of course, you will remember to lock your doors but don’t forget things like putting the sawed-off broom handle at the base of your sliding door too!  BTW a Ring Doorbell is everyone’s best friend.  Say cheese, you’re on camera!

Stop Your Mail

This is an old-school way for someone to detect if you are not home.  It is as simple as asking your post office to hold your mail while you are gone.

This is the one I never thought of doing and it makes perfect sense.  Criminals are getting savvier by the moment and now it is as much about taking your identity as it is about taking your stuff. 

Protect Your Identity As Much As Your Stuff

The F.B.I. just released a press release urging us to disconnect our computers from the internet and shut them down when we leave.  In addition, lock all filing cabinets with personal information.  Think about it, if an intruder breaks in, all your passwords are likely saved on your home computer. 

All great information but now I want to cuddle with my parents.

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