This photo was taken two years ago. But here are four new photos, because every few years we are asked to update our 'head shots'.


It is hard enough to be a woman with all we have to go through to look the way we want to. Hair, makeup, wardrobe...and even whether or not you're feeling bloated (LOL!) all factor in to how you will feel the day of the photo shoot. And of course we have to worry about getting a ZIT the day the photographer comes in.

And, since I LOVED the photo that Gary Gellman of Gellman Images took two years ago...I didn't want to take a chance on being disappointed with a new one that couldn't possibly look as good.

This time around I still went to the salon and had my highlights touched up (thank you, Lea!) a blow out with curls (thank you, Amy!) and a makeup artist do my face (thank you, Chelsea!) I would, indeed, be lost without Styling Company in Belmar. The girls mentioned here, as well as all the rest of the stylists there, are top notch!

Meanwhile, Lou does nothing to prepare, smiles for the camera, and then is happy with whatever comes out. Oh, to be a man and have none of the worries we women do!

The last photo features Chelsea Smith, from Styling Company, who spent the morning helping me with makeup and hair. Thank you so much, Chelsea!!!!!

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