Don't be a cotton-headed ninny muggins!  Santa is coming and he wants to meet you!  Do you know where to go to meet the big guy? He is popping up all over the Jersey Shore and he knows who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.

Did you like to meet Santa when you were little or did your mom make you take the photo temper tantrum or not?  I have to admit, there is something hysterical about the crying Santa photo.  I was the kid that had an itemized list that may or may not have been color-coded for Santa's convenience.  Visiting Santa was big business and certainly my only chance to get a Cabbage Patch kid so I was prepared.


Don’t waste any time planning a very special Santa memory with your little ones! Even Santa wants to get fancy once and a while. If you are in Egg Harbor City you can have a special Sunday at Renault Winery & Resort. They are having a Santa breakfast every Sunday in December from the 4th through the 8th in the Chateau Ballroom. Make sure to reserve your spot in advance!

If you are in Toms River you can bounce on over to Bounce About on Sunday, December 18th. They will have breakfast and crafts and games.

In Freehold Santa is stopping by the American Hotel. Each Sunday from December 4th through the 18th he’ll take photos and provide a lovely breakfast.

Don’t forget about Red Bank! On Sundays from December 4th-11th on the Navesink. Santa will bring brunch and treats. Elves will play games and create crafts with the kids.  There are plenty more New Jersey locations with Santa meet and greet events, you can read more about it from Mommy Poppins here.

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