Rutgers University Football is celebrating its 150th year. One nearby farm is celebrating in a very cool way.

Von Thun Farms has been a family-owned farm for five generations. It's right off of Route 130 in Monmouth Junction.

Timothy Von Thon told

Since our farm is less than 10 miles from both Rutgers and Princeton Universities, it seemed fitting for our 2019 corn maze to honor the two institutions that started this American tradition.

Von Thun Farms
Von Thun Farms

This six-acre corn maze features both Rutgers and Princeton football helmets, and a 2,100 square foot turf football field where visitors enter. The Von Thons went all out with goalposts, a scoreboard, the works!

In order to get to the other side of the corn maze, visitors have to answer questions regarding Rutgers and Princeton college football history. If you answer correctly, guests get pointed in the right direction. Along the way, there are other surprises and interactive games.

Think you have what it takes to escape? Check out Von Thun Farms site to plan a visit.

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