Meet Chelsea, my makeup artist/hair stylist, who brought in a trunk full of magic to help me out for a photo shoot.

As heard on our morning show last week, this is Chelsea from Styling Co. in Belmar. She, along with Lea and Amy, are members of my long-time hair and makeup team. Other members of my beauty entourage from Styling Co. including Arianna and Destini.

I say this as if I'm some rich celebrity diva...which I am not. However, I am smart enough to have learned that when I am forced to get a new photo that will appear on all kinds of media for years to come, I better go to the experts.

(photo by liz jeressi)
(photo by liz jeressi)

These talented women can bring out the best look for me...certainly better than I can. They work on brides, get girls ready for prom, and do celebs for magazine covers and photo shoots/spreads.

I find the air brushing to be the most interesting tool that they have in case it's wanted or necessary. It smoothly applies liquid makeup to really make your skin look even-toned and free of blemishes, scars, discoloration, etc. And it feels so good while it's being applied.

A big THANK YOU for fixing me 3:30 am when I roll out of bed I would NEVER have been able to look good enough for professional photos!

Stay tuned to see our latest images from Gary Gellman, Photographer to the Stars, coming soon.....


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