So what does this super cool, ageless woman want to do for her birthday? Well, raise a glass with her friends, of course!

(Photo courtesy of Jennifer Stine Schulman)
(Photo courtesy of Jennifer Stine Schulman)

Although I haven't met her yet, I already love Vivian Stine of Ocean Township. She and her son and granddaughter have all spent their lives in the Asbury Park/Wanamassa area.

I asked Vivian's granddaughter, Jenny, what her grandma's secret for a long life is, and she said her grandma sets aside her worries of the day each night when she goes to bed, and wakes up each morning with a fresh outlook on life.

As for her birthday, she wants to spend time with her friends Debbie and Lance at Wonder Bar in Asbury Park...and anyone who wants to join her!

Money raised will go to Vivian's church, Ballard United Methodist in Asbury Park, where she still attends weekly and helps out in the thrift shop!

VivIan's 101st birthday celebration takes place on Friday, March 30th, from 6pm-11pm at Wonder Bar on Ocean Ave. in Asbury Park. Bring a donation of $5. The roast to this beautiful lady starts at 7 pm.

This incredible woman is a community advocate, mother of 5, grandmother of 12, and great-grandmother of 15!

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