We love Brick, and today we want to celebrate the residents of one of our favorite towns. So here are a few things that people from Brick will enjoy.

We came up with three ways you know you're from Brick and we hope you enjoy them. We know you'll relate...

You know where Brick Blvd ends and Hooper Ave. begins. If you think you are still on Hooper Ave when you're passing Drum Point Rd., then you're just not from Brick.

You know why there's summer traffic on Princeton Ave.  You know the Windward Beach Park schedule and there's no mystery why the Brick police are stopping traffic on Princeton Ave to let people out of or into the park.

You've never caught two green lights in a row. Alright, this is a slight exaggeration, but as much as we all love Brick, we have to admit the traffic is maddening. Whether it's Route 70 or Brick Blvd., there's always lots of cars and lots of traffic.

These are only a few of the things that come to mind and there are plenty more. We may even have another list coming up very soon. In the meantime, we celebrate the great town of Brick and the wonderful people who live there!

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