To celebrate National French Fry Day on Thursday, McDonald's is giving away its famous fries for FREE!

And guess what? You don't even have to buy anything else to get them!


But pack your patience, especially if you just happen to be craving McDonald's on Thursday, because everyone and their mother is gonna be turning out to get free fries, lol.

It'll be a worthwhile wait, in my opinion, since McDonald's makes the world's best fast food French fries. Some may dispute that, but for me, I only have eyes for McD's, there none other like their fries. Fight me. Lol.


The best thing about McDonald's free fry day? You can get ANY size you want! The only catch is that you have to order through the McDonald's app, reports. Registration on the app IS required to score you complimentary French fries.

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Now, there's a runner-up deal if you can't make it to your local New Jersey McDonald's restaurant on Thursday on National French Fry Day. Every Friday, McDonald's offers a free medium-sized order of fries when you make a purchase of just $1 on their app.


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