Everyone always thinks bigger is better but I’m here to make an argument for the total opposite. What’s the number one factor that keeps people from living where they want to live? The cost. “It’s too expensive to live waterfront” “it’s too expensive to be in a major city” “I can’t I can’t I can’t!” Well, what if I told you that you can live in your dream location, but you would just have to pack lighter? Introducing my latest obsession, micro living.
Mico living or tiny houses started really getting popular within the last 5 years and they make a lot of sense. These super upgraded, brand spanking new digs are a fraction of the cost of larger homes and you can place them in your dream setting! For example, you would never be able to live in the heart of Manhattan for under $1000 per month but in a micro apartment you can! You have the same access to the city as everyone else but for a MUCH smarter price tag!  The same is true in major cities around the world and now it's true at the Jersey Shore! Can we just talk about how FABULOUS these are? You're not sacrificing anything more than the space and the space you will have just got cooler.
In researching this trend I stumbled upon The McMullin Design Group. They're the innovator of the “Beach Mini”. Their motivation is to give those craving the Jersey Shore and all it has to offer the most bang for their buck. A custom micro home will only run you about 70K. McMullin started creating these homes when they saw what was out there in this price range knowing that they could offer better. Just look at these designs!
Please Santa, I’m asking a whole year in advance; I want a micro Jersey Shore house!!!  With all the money we'll save, we can eat out at your favorite Jersey Shore restaurants more and cook less (this just keeps getting better and better).  I want to know, would you ever go micro? Email me your thoughts Shannon.Holly@943ThePoint.com

Here are some more already standing micro homes in New Jersey.

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