I am not embarrassed to admit, I caught myself eating an entire box of Mallomars late Saturday night. Mallomars with a big glass of milk might the most underrated sweet tooth treats to date. Many of us at the Jersey Shore love the chocolate covered marshmallow wafer but a large percentage of people in this world have no idea what Mallomars even are... I feel for them. As I was sitting there enjoying my late night snack, I started doing research. Sooo here are some random facts about Mallomars...

  • 70% of Mallomars are sold in the New York Metropolitan area.
  • Nabisco sold its first batch to a grocer in West Hoboken in 1913 which is now Union City.
  • Mallomars have a season. Even today, you will only see these teats in stores September through March. This has been the original plan since 1913 because they didn't want the chocolate to melt in the non-refrigerated trucks.
  • Mallomars are currently made in Toronto but not sold anywhere in Canada.
  • They have a shelf life of six months. When the season is coming to an end make sure to stock up!
  • Nabisco made the Oreo just one year before inventing the Mallomar.

I have been eating Mallomars since I was a baby. Even to this day, my parents get my sisters and I a box of Mallomars for a stocking stuffer during Christmas. Two guarantees, getting socks and a box of Mallomars on Christmas morning.  How about you, do you enjoy Mallomars? Did you know 70% of Mallomars are only sold in the New York Metropolitan area? Do you stock up before the off season?

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