This location, Route 37 East in Toms River, is the former 7-11 location on the way to Seaside Heights. This 7-11 was fairly new and if my memory serves me correct, is this on the site of the old Stewarts on Route 37? Regardless this location is almost new so it’s in good shape, but like a lot of places in New Jersey…’s empty.

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Is this another case of sale price or rent being too high? Simply costing to much for local businesses to afford? If that is the case maybe a national chain is what would be perfect for this location? Regardless once again a high traffic and high visibility location sits dark.


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Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


If you notice, there are lights on at this location, any indication that maybe there is activity and a new business coming? Tried to do some investigating but was unable to come up with any numbers on this location. If you do have any idea of asking price and or rent….please post below in the comments section.

I noticed the space next to the former 7-11 is also available, although maybe something is planned for that spot.

So let’s throw it out there, what could be a good fit for this location? Before you say Cracker Barrel lol it’s to small a spot for that, I know so many of you want a Cracker Barrel bad ….. so do I lol post your ideas below


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