Let's fess up. We've dodged tolls on purpose or accidentally once or twice, maybe more. Most often we get the dreaded EZ Pass fine in the mail, pay up and move on. However, one Toms River man managed to not pay tolls at the Holland Tunnel and George Washington bridge since 2009. 

26 year old Steven Rivera was driving a 2012 Hyundai Genesis through EZ Pass lanes. There's only one problem, he was never an EZ Pass customer. Rivera used a reflective cover on his license plate making it difficult to spot his number, especially cruising through EZ Pass lanes.

After 23 offenses at the Holland Tunnel and George Washington Bridge, Rivera now owes the Port Authority $1,216 in backed tolls and fines. His has been impounded and he's been charged with theft of service, improper display of license plates and disregard of a traffic sign.

Port Authority press officer Al Della Fave said:

"The Port Authority will not allow Mr. Rivera to get a free ride on the backs of responsible commuters who pay their tolls each and every day."

How should this man be punished? Should he lose his license or just face the fines? Tell us in the comment section below.

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