Roses and chocolates, stuffed animals too… what do you like to make Valentine’s Day special for you? I am all about the unique gifts…especially when it comes to gifts I can actually use or consume. Wink-wink. Do not get me wrong, I love dark chocolate covered strawberries, dark chocolate covered coconut and I absolutely adore roses…but I feel like, maybe one day having something outside of the box…like maybe a bacon bouquet or a heart shaped pizza!! Yeah, nothing says I LOVE YOU more than saying it with a heart shaped pizza! I am a pizza lover for sure so this would be the way to go for me…that is if I was in a relationship. Just saying.

Ladies and gentleman of the Jersey Shore, I was doing some looking around and I actually found a restaurant in Toms River that will be offering Heart Shaped Pizza Grams and some other fun things. Now listen, I am not saying there aren’t any more restaurants offering this, but this is the first one I came across. So, please, if you know of another restaurant doing something similar, EMAIL me I will add it to this blog. I am not advertising, nor was I paid to advertise this…I am just super excited to share this!

If you, your special someone or even your kids love pizza, check out what the Tuscan Bistro Bar has in store for this Valentine’s Day season. Send a “Pizza Gram” on Valentine’s Day (must pre order), bring the kids in to make their own heart shaped pizza (specific dates), and for the lovers there will be a special sweetheart menu (reservations are your best bet) . That sounds like love to me! <3 CLICK HERE to check out the details on their website.

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