Fight, Angela, Fight. These are the words that Angela Bennett's son, husband Bill, and countless others who love her have been using as a mantra. Here's Angela's story, as told by her son Chris Nolze. You see, Chris was was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was 12 and was able to overcome so many challenges thanks to his ferocious mom who would stop at nothing to save him. Now it's Chris' turn to help his her. In the words of a loving son:

"Kind; caring; loving; modest; persevering; a fighter. These are only a few of the many words that I would use to describe my mother, Angela Bennet. Over the past 11 years, I have struggled with many medical issues all stemming from my brain cancer diagnosis back in 2007. In my case, everything that happened was rare and countless doctors either didn’t know what was happening or they thought I was making it up. In some cases, my mom was even wrongfully accused of making me sick.

It was a long, difficult road for both of us and I wouldn’t have made it through if it weren’t for my mom. When I was too weak to stand up for myself in front of the doctors, my mom did for me. When I didn’t have a voice to speak up for myself, my mom did. When I lost hope because no doctors were helping or knew what was going on, my mom spent days, weeks, and even months researching and looking for doctors that would. While I was battling through my medical situations, my mom was right there fighting by my side all the way.

Even putting our experiences aside, my mom has been a caring and giving woman. Helping others, giving to the less fortunate, and ultimately just being a good person are things that she has always demonstrated. She’s the type of person that you easily get along with and would never imagine having something malicious happen to. Unfortunately, my mom’s and our family’s worlds were flipped upside down this year.

(Angela Bennett)
(Angela Bennett)

While still trying to help me get my health under control, Angela started having health issues that caused terrible pain and steadily worsened. She went to one doctor that misdiagnosed her with IBS and started to treat her as such. My mom was given the usual medications used to help treat IBS and was sent on her way. Over time, things still weren’t right and getting worse. My mom went to see a different doctor who listened to what was going on and decided to get some imaging done.

That’s when they found the malignant tumors on her pancreas that had spread to her liver and lymph nodes. Within a week or so, the doctors performed surgery to remove the largest tumor on her pancreas, they biopsied one of the tumors on her liver, they removed the lymph nodes, and they had to remove her gallbladder. The end result was Malignant Neuroendocrine Tumors.

Over the past decade, my mom has been trying to help me get my health under control while still helping others. Now she’s trying to figure out which direction her health is heading. She’ll be beginning treatment for her cancer in a matter of days and has been taking the needed enzymes and medications ever since her surgery.

My mom was my caretaker and I was the patient and suddenly she was the patient and I the caretaker. My mom’s life was flipped upside down when I was diagnosed with cancer and battled through all of my health issues. Now, after helping me get through everything, she has her own serious medical issues. We don’t know which path this situation is going to take next, but we will continue to take it one step at a time and attack any issues head on."

Angela's family has set up a social media funding page in case anyone out there can help. Insurance only covers so much, and it's enough to have to try and save Angela's life. Money shouldn't be another worry hanging over her head. She is truly one of the most kind, giving, and amazing women I have ever had the honor of meeting. She is too young to have to go through this...and has spent her whole life helping others.

If you can help, CLICK HERE to make a donation, and HERE to follow her updates on Facebook.

Angela, you have done so much for your son Chris. He is an amazing young man who has his own foundation to help rid the world of disease and help those struggling with illnesses, which you can find out more about by CLICKING HERE and HERE.


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