16-year-old Jacquie Lee from Colts Neck will perform for the win tonight on NBC! Let's get ready to vote her straight to the top!

When Jacquie finally comes home from L.A. later this week, in time for Christmas, she will be bombarded with love from all of her Monmouth County fans! As far as we are concerned, she is already a winner!

Tonight is The Voice Finale and Jacquie Lee made it all this way! Let's see if we can really support her when the voting begins tonight and help this Jersey Girl (and the youngest contestant) win the show and get that record contract!

Keep in mind that YOUR votes are what has gotten Jacquie this far. When you look at the other finalists, Will has the backing of his dad's band Chicago and their fan club, and has already been in front of large audiences performing. Tess Ann has a fan base from her band in Jamaica and has had much prior success as a performer. So Jacquie is the only contestant out of the top three that got this far without ANY contacts or help in the entertainment business. It's been your love and votes that have catapulted her to the top....and, of course, her AMAZING voice!

The contestant who has the most cumulative iTunes sales (from the beginning of the competition) will get a multiplier bonus for the finale...that could mean extra votes for Jacquie if you download her iTunes songs from tonight! And you will have until 11 am tomorrow to get those votes in.

Jacquie is feeling great about tonight, despite the number of songs and rehearsals she's been put through in the past few days. And regardless of how this competition shakes out, she is very excited to be coming home to friends and family that she hasn't seen for two and a half months!

Here are the links for tonight's votes...plus on tonight's show they will announce the phone number to call in your votes!