Since my kids were little, I have gone out of my way to get to Trader Joe's for this one item. Plus, other Jersey Shore moms on social media have offered up their own favorites. Here they are:

First I'll tell you what other local moms love at the Trader Joe's in Shrewsbury (in no particular order), then I'll tell you what our family craves!

1. Bagel seasoning

2. Frozen brown rice (regular, not organic)

3. Zucchini fries

4. Horseradish Hummus

5. Cinnamon Apple Snack Sticks

6. Green Goddess dressing and Ginger Sesame dressing

7. Honey Wheat Pretzels

8. Crunch Almond Butter

9. Handmade tortillas

10. Corn and Quinoa salad

11. Frozen Mushroom Risotto

12. Dark chocolate almonds with sea salt and Turbinado sugar

13...AND MY KIDS' HANDS-DOWN FAVORITE TREAT OF ALL: The cinnamon letter cookies that come in a plastic tub. Christopher can't put that tub down and will eat the whole thing in one sitting unless it is pried from his hands. I used these cookies when they were little to teach them how to spell, lol!!! (Others say the mini thin crispy chocolate chip cookies in the plastic tub are just as addictive.)

What are your favorite items from TJ's?

One thing most everyone seems to agree on....we need MORE Trader Joe's stores around the Jersey Shore!!!

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