Before you stock up for the trick or treaters, you should know which Halloween candies history says are the worst.

We all remember it well, and relive it with our kids. Lots of effort, money and energy go into the costume and the planning, and then you get a handful of a candy you wouldn't eat in a million years. Thanks a lot.

After careful research, we have come up with the three candies or treats that show up a lot on the "Worst Halloween Treats" lists, like the one at So before the kids (of all ages) hit the Jersey Shore roads to trick or treat, check the list...

Candy corn...Ok, I know. Once you start eating them you can't stop. That's if you're able to actually start eating them. Three thousand candy choices and I get a tiny bag of 7 pieces of candy corn?

Raisins...I don't think Halloween was ever meant to be a nutritious day, so hold off on the fruit, or vegetable, or whatever raisins actually are. And by the way. Opening a box of raisins to find 20 of them clumped together doesn't help. That doesn't happen to a Milky Way. Just sayin.

Tootsie Rolls...they always seem to make the list, but I have to disagree with this one. Greatest candy ever? No. But so much tradition and so many generations are involved here. You have to respect the past.

So here's the bottom line. People are buying candy or treats just to hand out to us because we are wearing a costume. We must appreciate that no matter what we get. But if they happen to see this before they purchase the treats, and they live in my neighborhood, they should but Mounds or Three Musketeers.