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The other day, my family and I went to the Top Golf in Edison, NJ and we had a wonderful time! Even though it's a lengthy drive north on the Garden State Parkway, the Edison location is definitely worth going to, especially because Harold's world-famous deli restaurant is located down the street (If you know you know)There is also a Top Golf in Mt. Laurel Township. Those are the only two Top Golf's in New Jersey, so should there be one at the Jersey Shore? What do you think? More below...

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In my opinion, I think Top Golfs are a blast! It's a perfect place to celebrate a fun day out with friends and family. Think about it, Top Golf is like if any regular old driving range got married and made a baby with a Chuck E. Cheese... Cool, right?!

The food is great and the alcoholic beverages are tasty, but my favorite thing about Top Golf is that you don't have to be good at golf to have fun. Besides my dad, no one in my family plays golf. I have no idea why people think it's fun to chase a little white ball around. However, for someone who can barely hit the ball 30 yards, my Mom was on fire, she was receiving a ton of points! All in all, the experience is great!

So, will we ever see a Top Golf in Monmouth & Ocean Counties? I think so! There is plenty of space in Howell or Colts Neck that would be able to build a facility. What about in Ocean County? I think there's plenty of space near the Ocean County Aiport. Where can I invest?!

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