UPDATE: Construction has officially begun. The trees have been cleared and construction teams are on site to start building the all-inclusive park for people with various physical and social capabilities!


We have previously told you about the Toms River Field of Dreams and their various fundraisers to create the first-ever all inclusive park,

Well now the organization will be hosting a Casino Night Fundraiser coming up on Saturday, March 16th!

The event is being held at the Crystal Point Yacht Club located at 3900 River Road in Point Pleasant from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

For a $100.00 donation, participants will have access to the buffet, dessert table, cocktail hour and will receive $50.00 in chips.

Local organizations are also being given Sponshorship opportunities for the event:

Event Sponsor: $5,000 - Annual Sign Membership at TRFOD, 4 tickets
Cocktail Sponsor: $3,500 - 1 Year Sign Membership at TRFOD
Casino Room: $3,500 - 1 Year Sign Membership at TRFOD
Dessert Sponsor: $3,500 - 1 Year Sign Membership at TRFOD
Gaming Table Sponsors: $500 - Signage on game table

As a reminder: The Toms River Field of Dreams' goal is to raise enough money to build the first-ever fully accessible park with an all-inclusive complex to address the physical and social inclusion of people of all ages and abilities.

For tickets, visit TomsRiverFieldOfDreams.com.

For question or other inquiries, send an email to TRFieldOfDreams@gmail.com

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