I am not really sure what is running through peoples' minds these days because a few disturbing stories have recently surfaced.

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Matt Ryan just alerted us that people were....well.....just read the article.

And to top it all off...I took Carolina for a walk yesterday morning and discovered piles of trash around town!

I couldn't even believe my eyes.

Whether it be out-of-towners who came down for the weekend for a change of scenery (still not supposed to do that, FYI) or local residents whose weekend got out of hand, this type of behavior is UNACCEPTABLE -- especially now.

First and foremost, we do not need to be adding more work to our plates. There is more than enough to do these days. The last thing anyone should have to worry about is wasting resources to clean up a public park or trash that is tossed to the side of the road.

Second, whether you are a visitor or a resident, wouldn't you want to take care of our shore towns? We have one set of beaches and that is it. If we keep behaving this way, it won't be long before we won't be allowed on our own beaches and NOT because of the Quarantine.

All we are all expecting of one another is to act like mature adults during this pandemic...and after it is over.

Clean up your garbage. Be courteous of those around you. And don't -- I repeat DON'T add more work to our essential workers. That factor is probably the most selfish and infuriating part of it all.

Don't think it was that bad? I have photos below to prove it.

Clean Up Your Garbage

Shameful. Please be one of the Jersey Shore residents to lead by example.

Thank you.

Nicole S. Murray

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