Music and New Jersey, especially the Jersey Shore go hand in hand. Some of the greatest singers of all time are from New Jersey. Can you name the two New Jersey voices that made the" top 10 best singing voices ever" list?

The list was compiled by Yardbarker, and these Garden State legends are among some of the greatest names in the history of music. It's no surprise that a well known musical state like New Jersey. We are assuming their photo list is in rank order, and it makes sense, since Barbra Streisand is the #1 photo.

Have you started guessing yet? If you were thinking about yesterday's birthday boy Bruce Springsteen, you might be disappointed. While certainly being one of the great songwriters and performers of all time, he didn't make the top ten for singing.

Maybe you were thinking about the unmistakable sound of one of the most successful rockers of all time, Jon Bon Jovi. He's among our favorites and fronted one of the legendary bands of all time, but he's not among the 10 best voices on this list either.

Let's start with #10 on the list. I'll give you a hint. He has blue eyes. That was easy. New Jersey's own Frank Sinatra made the list. His name is among names like Adele (#8) and Mariah (#5).

And the other New Jersey star who made the top 10. Let's all say it together. The amazing Whitney Houston. The legend is at #2 on the list, behind only Barbra Streisand. And it's a completely well deserved spot on this list.

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