Someone out there bought a winning lottery ticket in Monmouth County worth $250,000...was it you?

The ticket was purchased for the December 27, 2011 drawing at Street Corner News kiosk in the Monmouth Mall.

The ticket expires after one year, giving its owner just a few more weeks to claim the cash.

It was a Mega Millions ticket, with winning numbers: 23, 32, 33, 39, 43, Mega Ball 8, Megaplier 3.

Dig out your old stack of tickets, and check carefully. If you have the ticket, call Lottery Headquarters at 609-599-5800 or head over to a local retailer to claim your prize.

(Just as a note, I think it's only fair that you share some of it with me, since I brought it to your attention. Just saying.)

According to the NJ Lottery, 'Claimants have one year from the draw date to claim their ticket or the prize will be forfeited. If the tickets remain unclaimed, those cash prizes go back to the Lottery and may be used for future prizes or state contributions.'

Have you ever forgotten to check or cash in a lottery ticket? Tell us what you would do with the money in the comment section below!