Sisters Academy of NJ is one amazing place for some lucky girls!

Sisters Academy of New Jersey is a girls' middle school for grades five through eight.  It's located in Asbury Park and focuses on educating girls from economically challenged families in order to provide them with the tools necessary to gain access into, and have success in, private high schools and universities.

(Sisters Academy of New Jersey)

By  offering an education of excellence, combined with a full family focus, Sisters Academy helps to break the cycle of poverty. Their students become productive members of society and agents of change.

(Photo courtesy of Sisters Academy of NJ)

And the achievements speak volumes:

Since this middle school began (in 1997), there has been a 100% high school graduation rate.

89% have gone on to some form of higher education.

8-10% of those who have graduated from college have gone on to receive advanced degrees.

And a majority of students test at or above grade level at graduation.

(Sisters Academy of New Jersey)

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